Tuesday, April 22, 2008



Just a reminder to anyone reading this that we will be ROFLCON this FRIDAY, APRIL 25 at MIT. Here's the info about where we will be speaking (taken from the roflcon.org website):

Track One: Room 34-101

3:30 PM: PANEL: LOLCATS: I CAN HAZ CASE STUDY?: How do you see the development of the LOLCat? What do you think people will think of the LOLCat when they look back in 30 years? (Room 34-101)

Moderator: Alexis Ohanian
Panelists: “Cheez” (I Can Has Cheezburger), Martin Grondin (LOLCat Bible), Ryan and Arija (LOLSecretz), Stephen Granades (LOLTrek), Adam Lindsay (LOLCode)

If you are going to be in attendance, please come and say O HAI! We'd love to meet you (yes, even you!)

Hope everyone's days are still full of luv n lulz...we miss our awesome readers.

See you soon!!!