Monday, September 24, 2007

caTUESday secretz r comin early

we r at now 2! Hoorai!!!11!11!

Photo by Terry, Caption by Omar

Photo and caption by Rebecca

Photo and caption by Esme

Photo and caption by Mottenfest

secret by Secretburger photo by Thunderchild5

secret by Secretburger photo by Thunderchild5

secret by Edie photo by Sarah

secret and photo by Shirley

secret by Alden photo by Kekka

secret by Alden photo by jennsters.

secret by Alden photo by Jeff


cj said...

did something happen to the "gloating anonymously" cat?

congrats on getting the domain.

veronika said...

Ha Ha ha ha ha ha ah ah ah!

Melissa said...


Michalis said...

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jess donof said...

great blog :)

Paul S. said...

this site was inevitable. My favorite is still "I made you a cookie . . . but i eated it" because, through it's re-contextualizing of the phrase, it shows that, lolcat or postsecret, it's all the same internet meme dribble. Lolsecretz pushes that fact to its absurd extreme and for that the site has my admiration.

steve & stepher said...

LOVE the site. OMG - win!

Anonymous said...

I love your blog.

Lauren said...

this blog is awsome

Anonymous said...



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