Tuesday, December 11, 2007

o hai...

hello loyal lolsecretz reederz,

we wanted to say HAI and we are still here! we have not forgotten about your wonderful lolsecretz and are still making some of our own. it's a krazeee time for those of us behind secretburger (one is on a business trip all week and the other has FINALZ - do not want!). so while we've been a little slow this past week/end, we're going to keep posting, maybe a little more slowly than we've posted befoar!

ALSO, we want your XMAS and HOLIDAY secretz!! make them WEIRD and FUNNEE. just remember that ALL FAMILIES ARE INSANE and the best secretz are the ones that are close to your heart.

that's what we think anyway!

check back tomorrow for MOAR updatez!!! and coming later this week is ANOTHER CAPSHUN CONTEXT.... HOLIDAY THEME!

luv n lulz,


kristie said...

Your premise is awesome, but you being a law student explains a ton.

Take Copyright, revise your submissions policy, and maybe your contenTTT will improve.

Good luck w/exams

Christine said...

i has finalz too. also do not want. :( gud lucks!!

Sarah Hanson said...

Glad you will be back soon! I love this site - the premise just kills me!

Anonymous said...



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