Thursday, May 1, 2008

Old Timez sake

The folks at Roflcon were so nice, and so many of them asked for some more secretz that we had to oblige. Here are a couple more, for old times' sake.

secret by secretburger photo by volante

secret by secretburger photo by nautical2k


sarah said...

I haz missed yoo!!

Adam said...

Yay! it was so great meeting you two at ROFLCon. Be well...

alex said...

I wish you gaiz would just come back, I've been missing these.

Anonymous said...

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beachgirl33140 said...

yay!!! i love you guys!


rob said...

Look, enough of this nonsense. When are you gonna get this fired up again? Eh? Eh?

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N said...

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janice said...

Great to see you back..


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Nick said...

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