Saturday, October 13, 2007

Foto Permishunz

Dear loyal LOLSecretz readers and submitters,

Hai! We're going to write this in English (instead of LOLspeak) because we really want to get our point across. We LOVE all the submissions that we're getting. Seriously, keep making and sending your own (or your kitteh's) secretz to secretburger(at)gmail(dot)com. You give us LOLZ every day!!

However, PLEASE remember that you need to include the photo credit for EVERY photo you submit. If you took the picture, tell us that! If someone else did, let us know WHO and if they want us to link back to their website. If you're using someone else's pictures, they have to give their permission. A good place to start looking for pictures is in the Creative Commons Attribution License section of Flickr - you can find it here. If you use one of those images, the photographer has already given permission so long as we credit them (which we do with a link back to their photostream.) So send us those credits!!

Yore secretz....let us see dem!!!!!!!!1

Luv and lulz,


Stephen said...

Yet you allow the postings of Garfield scans?

Anonymous said...



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