Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Sicritz Foar Thurzdae

secret by Ernesto Papaya photo by Joy

secret by Ernesto Papaya photo by Joy

secret by Ernesto Papaya photo by Joy

secret by Blake photo by Toby

secret by Dan photo by Stephenduncanjr

secret and photo by Anonymous

secret and photo by Tricia

another secret by Furbaby with photo by Eric


Jesus said...

nice work ye got here...
Now as far as i know Postsectret is an artistic project... which in a way also works as an outlet for people who wouldn't otherwise tell their secret to anyone... and of course the secret's sender gets to remain anonymous.

Here you request credits for the picture and the secret apparently as i gather from the caption below every picture... is this just an alternate path for the lolcat meme? or do you truly intent to merge the concepts and let people express themselves anonymously through LOLSECTRETZ as in postsecret?

still congrats on the page

xco said...

great page
great serectz skills...:)

Bumaman said...

Cool Page

roentarre said...

This is so cool. I will learn from your style of putting similar photographs together. :)

flamesplash said...

Jesus: Yeah, this is just a funny mash up of the two, not meant to be all deep like post secret per se

sexy said...



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